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At Gadezis Technical Group, we have high know-how to successfully meet any requirements that may arise from the initial stages of construction of the building.

We want to work with Architects who have high demands from their partners in the whole range of design of a building.

A basic requirement in modern buildings is the study of lighting. The primary goal of any lighting study and the design of the systems that support it, is the complete satisfaction of both general and special lighting needs of those who use a space, while minimizing the energy consumed. Lighting design is something more by simply choosing lighting fixtures or calculating the size of windows in a building. It therefore highlights the importance of the Architect’s collaboration with a specialized company such as Gadezis Technical Group.

Gadezis Technical Group, having an excellent knowledge of the possibilities of modern lighting technology, enables the Architect to specify in every technical detail the required equipment, ie the luminaires, the lamps and most importantly, their control system. The constant desire to be visible the results of artificial lighting and not the sources and luminaires, leads to the effort for full integration of lighting in the architecture of the building.

At Gadezis Technical Group, having the legacy of good reputation and reliable work, we wish to work with Architects of a similar philosophy, looking forward to long-term and mutually beneficial collaborations.

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