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Our company was founded in 2007 and was active in the provision of modern, functional and integrated electrical installations of all kinds, automation and security systems. After the execution and delivery of integrated modern electrical projects, but also the creation of personal relationships of trust, our customers entrusted us with even larger projects that consisted, in addition to their electromechanical part, of other construction sectors such as plumbing, metal plasterboard , installation of tiles, glazing, aluminum, etc.

Our love for the construction sector, our passion, the constant search, information and training in combination with our reliable and trained network of partners, proved to be able to cope to the fullest and to fully and professionally meet the requirements of our customers.

Today, GADEZIS TECHNICALL GROUP is a new and emerging construction company specializing in the electromechanical sector, in the construction and maintenance of gas stations, and in safety systems.

High reliability, guaranteed quality (ISO 9001: 2008) and excellent communication are key features of our services offered. We have rich mechanical equipment (instruments & tools) and lifting machines (basket truck), while we are distinguished for the immediate response, the adequacy of staff, the immediacy with the customers, the competitive prices and the consistency in the completion of the projects according to the schedules.

We undertake private & public sector projects.

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